Stormy Weather

Well, we made it through a few more storms over the weekend!

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but we’re going on week three where we have not had much opportunity to seed, weed or feed because of the moisture. But we are thankful that, unlike areas north of us, we got an inch and a half of rain whereas others were flooded with 4-8 inches.

It was great to see a nice-sized crowd at the Fruited Plain on Saturday night, even though the weather (tornado warnings and occasional torrents of rain) kept some away. We had a really nice time and appreciated the generosity of those who came out. They helped us raise almost $4,000 that we have put in the bank for new high tunnels. We hope to be able to order at least one of them by the middle of July, which will better allow us to extend our growing season and meet the needs of our fall subscribers.

That brings our total close to $8,000 after the Fruited Plain benefit this weekend, which means we have a little over $20,000 to go to meet our goal. Please share the site with anyone who might be interested.

–John Wesselius