Pastured Poultry

Our chickens take about 7 weeks from hatch to finish and average about 4.5 pounds. They are available as frozen whole birds.

Available from May through winter until we are sold out.

When ordering on the online store, you will have a $0 checkout amount. Each chicken is priced individually. You will pay upon pickup. Place your order today!

Young chickens in the pasture.

Our chicks get their start in the brooder house, and at 3 weeks of age we put them out in “Chicken Tractors” on grass. Chicken tractors are 10′ by 12′ structures that shelter the birds from wind and rain. We move them to fresh grass each morning and evening. Our chickens breathe easier in the tractors because there is less dust there, and they can enjoy eating bugs, weeds, grass and grains under partial cover. They pass along the benefits of their healthy diet to us in the form of higher Omega-3s and CLAs.