Storm Brewing

Looks like there’s another storm brewing this afternoon; we hope the worst of it misses us this time around.

This past weekend we had 2 inches of rain, which gave weeds all the encouragement they needed! In our potato field we have a lot of weed pressure. The onions (below, on Sunday, then Monday) seem be recovering from the soaking, but our leeks got buried with soil runoff from the neighbors’ soybean field.

Thank you to everyone for your continued encouragement. Friends of the Farm have some events planned, and for that we are very grateful. If you’re on Facebook, we have an event page for our June 14 dinner/party/fundraiser at the Fruited Plain, and we’d love for you to let us know if you can make it. Please RSVP there and share it with friends.

Today Friends of the Farm also created a new crowdfunding campaign online, which you can find at Please check it out and share with anyone who might be interested in helping us stay afloat and better provide for the growing number of people in northwest Iowa who are interested in what we can provide.

On Wednesday, dropoffs will be at the usual times and places. Adrienne will be in Sioux City, Madeline will be in Sioux Center, and I hope to be weeding with a group of high school students.

Thank you for your support.

–John Wesselius