Yukon ho!

Hello friends,

This is Madeline’s last day at the market in Sioux Center, in case you missed that bit of news last week. She is heading to Montana to teach Spanish at Manhattan Christian School. She’ll be greatly missed. Stop and wish her well at the market, if you get a chance to do so. She’ll be there 8 a.m. to noonish.

Because of the rain on the weekend, we needed a easy dig on Monday afternoon. I am glad we didn’t wait to dig potatoes till today; that would have been a real muddy mess. This rain is a blessing; we needed it. However, we’ll need to make adjustments to our activities for a day or two.

You’re getting Yukons this week because they are big enough to find in wet dirt, unlike fingerlings. You’re going to have to wait for the king of fingerlings till next week! Next week I hope to share with you Austrian Crescent Fingerlings. When you can get them big enough, they are the king of fingerlings.

This afternoon a group of students taking a summer class at Dordt put on by ISU, SDSU, UNL and Dordt is at the farm for a tour and explanation of what we do at The Cornucopia.

We have chickens started again, this is the group for fall and winter and will be the last ones until spring. Please place an order soon: 712-490-8218.

Farmer John