Wet weather and vehicle woes

Wednesday is the kick-off of the Sioux Center Farmers Market, and we’ll be there (as well as in Sioux City) with a few items to sell in addition to your boxes. We’re still waiting for the sunshine to dry out the ground so we can seed, plant, and weed some more.

It’s been a week full of car issues for us. On the way home from CSA drop-off last week, Madeline was rear-ended, making our red minivan useless as a farm vehicle until we get something worked out with the insurance company of the other car. Adrienne had a flat tire on our blue minivan, and on my way home I had a recently installed front tire blow out on our large white van! So we’ve had to spend some time getting these things back in working order.

We received an additional 1 3/8 inches of rain recently, which made it too wet for most activities. I feel like we have been stalled in April for some time. And with rain coming hard and often this past week, the dirt is clinging to the produce more than usual. We always rinse things before packing them, but you should plan to rinse once more at home before eating.

Sometimes it is a challenge to figure out the best way to divide things among the half and full shares; this time around there was an abundance of the salad mix — 54 pounds! We are still learning how to best spread things out, but with the weather so different each year, it is a challenge. We hope you’ve been enjoying the mix of items. Your feedback is welcomed at any time.

— John Wesselius