We’re taking orders for chicken

Young chickens in the pasture.

Young chickens in the pasture.

For our repeat subscribers, we are happy to be your local farmers again this year. For those who are new, welcome, and thanks!

Last night we were thankful that the winds spared our place. The hail, though marble-sized, was brief. The pebble-sized hail about 3 weeks ago did more damage that is showing up now in in the greens growing outside. We wish a rapid recovery for those with wind or tornado damage.

We are hoping tonight does not get as cold as forecast because we have about 800 beautiful pepper plants standing tall in the west garden. We are looking for a stretch of warm weather so we can set out our tomato plants that are stagnating in their pots.

We are now taking orders for our pastured chicken, which we will deliver along with your CSA boxes. We’ll sell them by the chicken, but we can easily take bulk orders (5, 10, more) as well. They’ll be ready for delivery after May 30; we will direct-deliver orders over 50 to your home.

If you have any questions, please email us, send a message on Facebook, leave a comment here, or call 490-8218.