We’ll be on “Proud to be a Hometown Farmer” this week.

What a beautiful day! We are looking forward to dry weather and opportunities to plant seeds and do some transplanting. We will also be tilling in some sections that have become overrun by weeds.

The potatoes are flowering, which is often very nice to look at. Normally they have been hilled (http://www.garden.org/foodguide/browse/veggie/potatoes_care/571) twice by this point; unfortunately, it has been too wet to do that yet. I hope we can get in there this afternoon.

We’ve hit a fundraising plateau in our efforts replace storm-damaged high tunnels for the farm. We’ve been surprised at how generous people have been with large gifts, but we haven’t had as much success with greater numbers of people giving small gifts, which Indiegogo says is often what campaigns need to reach their goal.

If each reader of this newsletter knows a couple/few people who might be willing and able to give $10 or $25 (not that we’d turn down more), it would get us a long way toward being able to build at least one new hoop house in August. Thanks to so many who have generously given to the project already! If you have any new outreach ideas for us, we are all ears!

Speaking of which, Jake Heller of Siouxland News (KMEG 14 in Sioux City) was out to visit the farm this morning, and he is planning to feature The Cornucopia in his Proud to be a Hometown Farmer (http://www.siouxlandnews.com/category/108812/proud-to-be-a-hometown-farmer) segment on Thursday. Hoping it turns out well…

–John Wesselius