Week 17 of 18!

Wow, I was just getting used to it being August and September happens this week. Time moves so fast, it seems like we just got started with this season, it goes so rapidly. I washed some French Fingerlings this afternoon and they reminded me of small smooth stones on a beach on one of the great lakes! Just right size, the shape of them did that, and they taste good too! We had a little rain this morning, first measurable precipitation since when? July 1? We had a lot of trouble with seeds germinating in early August, this past week lettuce, salad greens, carrots, beets are all popping up! What a pleasant change. Tomatoes continue to frustrate us, recently we noticed all regular red tomatoes developed a “cat face” on the top, thinking what did I do now, I did a little reading and sure enough when it is very hot at the time a blossom turns into a little tomato, the fruit develops a “cat face”. We will plant them earlier next year to avoid it. I think I have heard my self or someone else say next year about a dozen times this week. The small “cherry” tomato plants didn’t mind the heat and continue to grow.

We got manure spread and worked in on our large east garden. We plan on planting strawberry plants there late in September. We missed not having strawberries this year. We have garlic, onions and shallots in the barn, we are beginning to see the end of potato digging. We have three varieties left, one we set aside as a storage potato.