Week 11

Last night I was going to do some more things outside after the crew left at 5. I thought I’d feel more up to it if I showered first. Then Janna had supper ready, so I thought I’ll eat and then tackle those those weedy patches.

It was all good intentions. We sat on the deck instead. The air conditioning inside felt too cold. It was that warm, humid and close outside. It stormed somewhere. This morning it was cool, warm enough for a shirt but almost cool enough for a sweater.

We seeded some beds of carrots for fall a couple of weeks ago and didn’t time the flaming of the bed quite right. Didn’t get there on time and needed to skip flaming because the carrots were up; now the weeds are so thick, we are going to till them under and start over. It’s one of those tricky situations.

There are carrots in the share this week. There won’t be any for market for Wednesday but we hope to dig more for Saturday. The eggplant is coming; the first 36 were ready yesterday. Someone just asked about them this past weekend, and I knew they were close. I always enjoy picking eggplant until I stick my hand into a sharp prong near the stem! They should be available regularly in a week.

On Monday morning, we felt we found green gold. Finally, broccoli!! There is broccoli for everyone and some more for market. Zucchini, yellow summer squash, big sweet onions, garlic, cabbage, potatoes…..can you tell it’s summer time!

If anyone has one or more of our vegetable boxes at home, could you please bring them tomorrow!