Waiting for the sun

This week we are looking for the sun to shine and dry out the ground. We are not flooded, but we are saturated. (Sound familiar?)

It was strange this morning compared to previous mornings; there was no threat of rain, the wind was blowing the grass dry, and the sun was shining! It disappears behind a cloud occasionally, and there is a 30% chance of precipitation in the forecast, but it looks good for the next three days.

Friends of The Cornucopia continue to circulate the link to our crowdfunding campaign. With just two weeks left, we are hoping to raise at least another $5,000, which would allow us to put in one funded high tunnel this August. Thank you to all who have shared it with their friends through social media.

If you missed it last week, Jake Heller of Siouxland News (KMEG 14 in Sioux City) featured The Cornucopia in his Proud to be a Hometown Farmer segment on Thursday.

–John Wesselius