Tomato season

Yes, the tomatoes are FINALLY ripening in numbers. They still have a long way to go after a late start from our cool spring, and we are hoping that the weather will continue to be good so that we get some decent production before any hard frosts hit. Enjoy the taste of summer!

We need our bags back! (and boxes) – PLEASE. Every week, it seems, we lose a few of one or the other. If you have a bag, or two or three, sitting at home we need you to return them! That little flat piece holding the bottom of the bag in place is missing in a few, also. Even if last week’s box is falling apart and could go in the recycling we really appreciate it if you would return those so that WE can throw them out and know exactly how many are still in use.

If you forget your bag or box this week could you please ask us to put your items in plastic bags to take home so we can keep the bag or box and have enough for next week. Thanks!
KMEG Channel 14 personality Erika Thomas does a program called Your Hometown Farmer on Thursday mornings on her news cast sometime between 5 and 7 am. She was here today with a camera man and interviewed us. She needs to shrink 3 hours of visiting into a 2 minute 45 second segment. She will let us know when it airs – likely in about 3 weeks.
Today John took out two rows of zucchini plants and began to remove cucumber plants. They certainly didn’t earn their keep this year. We’ll add some compost and begin a late season seeding of greens or radishes.
Janna is peeling bad (a.k.a. cracked) tomatoes this evening, there is a pot of something cooking on the stove. This is the bliss of wanting to eat well in winter, you need to stay up late in summer to get it all done.
This week in the bag you’ll find:
  • Cucumber
  • Beans – whole shares will also have some little filet beans (very tender – don’t overcook them)
  • Eggplant – try this sliced, breaded and fried or baked as an appetizer – YUM. It’s also nice as a layer in your lasagna to replace one of the noodle layers
  • Pepper
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Onion – if you find your onions are getting a little ahead of you, chop them to the size you like and freeze them, then later when you are in a hurry, you can grab them out of the freezer ready to add to any dish you are cooking.
  • Potatoes
  • Leek
  • Cherry Tomatoes
Eggplant Appetizer (I am trying to remember what the girls did, so I hope I remember it all)
1-2 beaten eggs
Flour, salt, pepper, a little Italian seasoning or other herbs/spices of your choice.
(you could also just use pre-seasoned bread crumbs instead of the above mix)
Slice the eggplant (we sliced them about 1/4″ thick) and pat the pieces dry, dip in beaten egg and then the dry mix. Fry in hot oil, or bake in the oven. Probably 375-400 until nice and golden brown. Be sure to flip them to brown both sides. If you fry them have several layers of paper towel ready to drain them on when they come out of the pan. I think these would also be good with a little parmesan cheese added to the breading. (try not to burn your mouth – we couldn’t wait for them to cool before eating them)
Have a great week!