The fresh vegetable train is boarding!

Spring is in the air today, perhaps for another day and then say it will snow. We are spending most days in the greenhouse preparing for spring. We purchased two pallets of organic potting mix last month and we are making a good dent in the first one. Our first seeds have germinated and are looking for the sun each morning. It’s a wonderful time of year.

We are looking forward to a quiet, warm sunny day when we can re-cover two of our high tunnels with new greenhouse film. It’s always an intense afternoon, for about 30 minutes we could use a dozen pairs of hands. A 40′ by 100′ sheet of greenhouse film makes quite a kite.

We are looking forward to providing families in Sioux Center, Orange City, Spencer and Sioux City fresh locally grown vegetables. Our summer season will start May 3 and run for 18 weeks. The fall share starts September 6, brought to drop off locations bi weekly for 12

A big thank you to the families and individuals that have signed up and sent us their check.

We hope many more people will participate! Please this email with friends, neighbors and people at work! If you haven’t signed up yet please do!

The costs are the same as last year:

  • Full share $550 for summer which works out to $30.55 a week.
  • Half share $350 for summer which works out to $19.44 a week.
  • The fall share is $300 for the one size for 12 weeks with biweekly distributions which works out to $25 a week.

Our website is updated for this season! Ordering shares from our online store is easier than ever.

Like The Cornucopia on Facebook to see pictures of the farm and the things we do, pictures of
the students that work for us.

Please sign up early (almost added “and often”), and share the idea of a share often with friends. We are very thankful that this project that started with 10 customers has grown to what it is today. It
happened because you, participants have shared and suggested and recommended.

When you mail in your check please include: Your name, address, phone numbers and email address. Indicate you are ordering summer full shares or half shares and your intentions on a fall share.

Thank you,

John Wesselius