The first 2015 Fall CSA box is full!

In the box for September 9 we have pink radish, onion, colored and jalepeno peppers, Nicola and Yukon potatoes, cherry tomatoes, celeriac root, red cabbage, choi, broccoli, garlic, parsley, and acorn squash.

It’s likely that between seeding, weeding, feeding, harvesting and packing that about 12 to 14 different individuals had a part in putting this box together. Different students working for us during spring, summer and fall. We enjoy the changing of the seasons, grateful that it’s dark earlier so we tend stop earlier and go to bed on time. The challenge is lining up student help at the right time to get the work done during daylight hours.

Some people may have noticed we no longer leave tops on carrots. I have met a few people who eat carrot tops, but most don’t, and we found that tops left intact took longer to clean and pack for market. Sometimes we did tops on and tops off for a market day to see how people responded. We heard that tops on meant they were not washed and bagged, or that tops on were fresh and tops off were not fresh. We decided to purchase a barrel washer for root crops so it’s doubtful you will ever see a carrot top in your box. A student or two that worked here for fall harvests are probably joining our children in saying ” why did wait so long?” “Or it’s about time.”   I’ll try to include a picture with the Facebook post.

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John Wesselius