The craziest, scheduled week of our lives

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the craziest, scheduled week of our lives! We’ve done crazy before though, so we can make it. It’s wedding week for Jessica!

A moment of truth: Dad sometimes forgets to eat full meals, between giving work assignments throughout the day, managing those projects, and working on his own projects around the farm. Mom is getting wedding jitters and making lists so that she can check things off and not forget anything or anyone. Allison comes home today to help with wedding prep and entertaining out of town guests. Jessica is flying under the radar, attempting to escape the over-asked, repetitive questions. Madeline (me) and Adrienne are helping out as much as we can with what needs to be done, regular harvesting, irrigation, weeding, and mowing.

This week we’re not only harvesting for CSA and markets, but we’re also providing the ingredients for the meal after the wedding on Saturday.

It’s a week for stir-fry! The napa cabbage deliciously complements other stir-fry vegetables. My favorite way to prepare it though is on the grill. Slice it into four wedges, the long way, and add chunks of butter or olive oil and seasoning, wrap in tin foil and then grill! (Confession: no idea how long or how hot)

Choi is another great stir-fry vegetable. Or wilt it in bacon grease. Treasure the last of the leafy lettuce greens as we move from spring, sweet and tender, into full blown summer heat! Whole share has beets this week, more of those for everyone will be coming soon, as well as more summer varieties, and your boxes and bags will start to get even heavier!