Bumper Crop!

Hello friends!

I never know exactly what is going to be ready when or how much we can put in each share, but we have a bumper crop this week. It might be the most diverse share of the summer crop. I hope you enjoy it. We have certainly been enjoying eating from the garden. We had basil with the butterhead lettuce on Sunday. We had the parsley in some ground pork (we still have bundles of pork available if you’d like to order), and we had peas and carrots with the new potatoes last night.

I was interviewed by Heritage Radio Network on the Food Report last Thursday, and the host said all my talk about our food made her hungry. That is my intent. I like to make people hungry for real food!

We are running a person or two short every day recently. Adrienne, who was diagnosed with mono last month, is getting better but still doesn’t have enough energy to “work,” Anna took her first vacation in 3 summers of working here to visit a friend in California (how could I say no!), Brandon needed a long weekend to to Grandma (I can relate, my mom is always asking for our daughters to see her), and Rachel is gone this week to see her brother’s farm. Her brother’s farm was badly damaged by wind last week in SD. We know what that is like, and it’s good for her go there and help out as they rebuild.

Have you given any thought to subscribing to our fall share? We’re taking orders Please sign up for a fall share (https://thecornucopiacsa.com/shares/#order) either by check ($300) or online ($315–helps defray the cut PayPal takes)! And if you’re interested in the pork bundles I mentioned earlier, just give me a call or text at 712-490-8218.

Have a good week,

John Wesselius