Week 8

Hello friends!

It’s Week 8 already, the signs are starting to appear, tomatoes are being tied up to stakes for the third time, the warm weather lettuce is sizing up for next week, the cauliflower, while not quite like last fall, is here.

The broccoli wasn’t ready last Friday, but after the weekend heat, it is slightly over where I would have liked to have picked it. We also harvested beets for everyone this week. This is the last of the radishes for spring (the red round golf balls). We may have a summer radish yet. If you’re looking for something to do with them, Rachel told us about this fermented radish recipe last week at the market–she says her kids love it! I hope we will have regular onions next week, too.

I am taking chickens in for processing on June 25; I am still taking orders at (712) 490-8218. I really enjoy growing broilers (I like our family hen flock too but not as much), and this group has been so consistent from day one. They look like they are almost all the same size, which means I got the amount of feeder space per bird right and fed them evenly.

This week we planted out thousands of various plants that take 85-110 days to mature, some varieties of cabbage, cauliflower, and others for fall. Summer has barely begun but we need to plan for September through Thanksgiving. Please sign up for a fall share either by check ($300) or online ($315–helps defray the cut PayPal takes)!

Have a good week,

John Wesselius