Week Ten

A nice rain Sunday night into Monday means no watering for several days, which helps the water bill! Last month’s bill was an all time high at $450, which is somewhat surprising because we feel like we are watering less this year. But while the rain is great, it really hinders seeding, planting, and weeding and makes for muddy conditions pulling carrots, onions, and digging potatoes. So what we save on watering, we will use washing or I should say rinsing because we don’t wash. Washing is processing. We do not process.

The choi is 3 or so in a bag because they are baby choi. They were in a weedy patch with insect pressure, so we harvested them so we can use them before they get completely ugly.

The lettuce in the full share is a summer heat tolerant variety. One of the students thought it should be worth $5 or $6 at market because they are so dense, big and full. I don’t think the next 2 or 3 plantings will produce that size. The weather must have been just right for this set.

At this point in the day the potatoes are being dug, and I anticipate that there will be green beans and peas harvested later this afternoon. The leaves of the bean plants never dried yesterday after the rain, so we are swamped today between harvesting, packing it, and getting it out to you.

We had several people sign up during the last week for the fall share https://thecornucopiacsa.com/shares/. Please keep them coming!

Have a good week, enjoy the weather, eat well!

John Wesselius