The 2011 Vegetable Season is Here!

Welcome to a new season of fresh produce from The Cornucopia! We look forward to serving you in 2011.

Yesterday I woke to the loud crack of thunder. John rolled over and said, “do you think I should pull those plants inside?” I was happy that he said “I”, it was a good Mother’s Day present to stay in bed a few more minutes while he dodged rain drops and pulled young plants out of the wind. Saturday was spent transplanting and planting seeds, so we were glad for the gentle rains Sunday morning to give the transplants a boost, provide moisture for germination and keep the soil crust soft so seeds planted earlier can break through. Every spring we eagerly watch as things start “popping up” and get established. This is a season of anticipation and wonder. We are glad that you are here to enjoy it with us.
In this blog, we try to keep you in touch with what is happening on the farm through words and pictures, as well as give you a listing of what to expect in your delivery each week and some useful information about how your food is produced, how to use it in recipes and storage tips. Above all, we hope that you enjoy the food.
In your share this week….(our best estimates for the week)
It’s spring so pull out your spinner and get ready for salad fixings!
Spinach – great in salads or steamed. This spinach was growing through the cool days of April, so it has a lot more “umph” than the thinner leaves of summer spinach. So if you prefer it cooked, then go for it – it will hold its texture quite well. I like to steam it or just dunk it in boiling water quickly, then drain and serve.
Leaf Lettuce – lots of color to brighten your plate.
Arugula – we’ve kept it separate, but it’s great on its own, or mixed in with your other greens. Be adventurous and layer it on a bread and butter sandwich.
Spectrum Greens – these greens are full of wonderful flavor and texture that make them one of my favorites. Really good with a light oil dressing and some chopped boiled eggs or nuts and dried cranberries. Make it a meal by adding some leftover grains like rice or quinoa.
Radish – slice some on your arugula sandwich or top a salad. Radishes are said to be a blood cleanser (probably why they give you that cool fresh feeling) – and the tops are also edible, containing lots of vitamin C.
Basic Salad Dressing (I give this recipe every year because it is a standard in our house and so easy to make) – you can easily expand the recipe to feed a crowd. Add crushed garlic or other herbs for a variation.
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
1 Tbsp. lemon juice (preferably fresh)
1 tsp. brown mustard
2 tsp. honey
Put it all in a small jar and shake it up, or mix it with a whisk in a small bowl. Adjust the honey and mustard to your personal taste. If I’m making a big bowl of salad for the family I usually just pour it over top and toss it all together, but you can just as easily pass it and let everyone serve themselves.
Have a great week!