Our tractor has a “sticky” tachometer cable which apparently causes the sensor that mixes air and fuel to not work properly. I called the dealership, and they said I could pick up a new cable Monday, which meant that I was about to shovel a very long driveway yesterday morning.

It was dark and cold, but it was such a relief that the wind was only blowing about 15 mph. I shoveled for about half an hour, and Janna came and brought the car around so the headlights pointed to the road. She waited 10 minutes, opened the window, and said I was wasting my time. Her car is equipped with an air ride suspension that has an off-road setting that raises the car about 8 inches, giving her about 16 inches of clearance.

She backed up, I stepped to the side and vroom she was at the road. So we left the yard with only about a quarter of the driveway shoveled.

When we returned about 8 hours later I was welcomed by a clean driveway! Our neighbor must have noticed that I didn’t get my tractor out over the last week so he did it for us. Thank you, Mike Franken!

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