Sunshine after the rain feels good!

Good Evening,

We have been blessed with timely rains. This afternoon the propane tank got filled up and the driver quipped that we must not have irrigated much yet. He was so correct. We have not watered outdoor crops much at all. We watered carrots and onions early on to get them established and while that was finishing up it began to rain. The rains have come regularly since then, we just need to be thankful that nothing too severe has come our way.
We have been watching the potatoes carefully, and I have a suspicion that you will see potatoes next week. The CPB has not been a threat recently, the plants really look good. Last week almost all of them were flowering. I always like flowering potato plants.
We spent some time staking or caging the outside tomatoes this week, we have 6 rows to go. The tunnel tomatoes have been staked for several weeks and have green tomatoes on them.
We were on top of the weeds at the end of last week. Some sections are now looking like they need a real through weeding again….
We have little cucumbers appearing on cucumber plants in tunnel #1. Janna ate one the other day. It wasn’t very big, put that means they are not far off. We are watching for flowers on the green beans. The first beans always taste so good!
This week in the subscriptions were some of the following…
peas ( some sugar snaps, some have shelling peas)
mini cabbage
green kale
We hope everyone has a good week.
John and Janna