Sunflower Smiles

The weeks have been flying by quickly. As the season turns, so do the gardens. Many crops have produced and finished and as they are harvested, John tills the spaces to get ready for another crop or seeds it in a cover crop that we will till under for soil fertility. Long term crops continue to mature and Sunday evening we were greeted with the first of the sunflowers blooms in a long row planted along the driveway. Sunflowers are always such a cheerful sight!

Parsnips – a late fall crop – are always a bit of a mystery to visitors. We hear things like “what have you got growing there – celery?” In spite of their large tops, the roots are still quite underdeveloped. The onions have begun to dry down in the field and no longer have their nice big green tops. Soon we will begin the process of pulling them all and laying them out to finish the drying process. Cucumbers seem to be the late bloomer this year – patience is the key word here.
This week in your share…..

Lettuce – the summer crisp continues to perform well. Think BLT’s this week !
Tomatoes – red round and some cherries. Mixed in with the cherries you’ll find some little Mexican Sour Gherkins. Not technically a cucumber, they have a crunchy texture with a little zing. Toss them in your salad, salsa, stir fry, etc.
Green Pepper – first of the season.
Beans – half share will have purple beans this week – fun for the kids – these turn green when you cook them. Whole shares will have yellow beans and green pole beans. The pole beans have just begun to produce – they have a flattened pod and a wonderful bean flavor. We have been watching them grow to over 13 feet on their trellis and now that they’ve reached the top, they’ve continued to grow and hang down towards the ground again – wow!
Potatoes – Rio Colorado. These have beautiful red skin with delicious white flesh.
Carrots – Cosmic Purple. These have an intense almost fuchsia color with a bright orange interior – and they are delicious.
Red Onion

Whole shares will also have Broccoli this week.
Have a great week!