Sun and weeding

This week we have sunshine! We spent a lot of time weeding because last week was simply too wet. We still plan to plant and seed more crops for fall. The ground should rototill up nice this evening for seed beds to be filled tomorrow. We have more plants to go out that should produce before it gets too cold.

The squash for fall look promising. They are in a plot we haven’t had access to before, and we need to drive 6 miles to get there, so we need to remind ourselves to check them regularly.

We spent time, a lot of time, digging potatoes (15 person hours), but because of conditions earlier this year, we did not harvest enough to split between all the CSA participants this week. We will have potatoes at the farmers markets for purchase. A fingerling called Red Thumb and an Alby’s Gold ( will be available.

The high tunnel is being worked on if and when we have time this week. The side purlins should be in by the end of the day today. Later this week we may begin on the end walls. First we need to seed and plant for fall.

–John Wesselius

PS We have a few Fall Shares available still but they’re almost gone! Please sign up ( as soon as possible if you’re interested.