Sign up for Fall shares

KCAU Sioux City will stop by the Sioux Center market Wednesday, probably around 9:45 after visiting the farm at 9am, and they’d love to talk to some of you about our efforts to crowdfund a high tunnel. Please stop and say hi if you’d like to put in a good word for The Cornucopia!

It’s been a cooker this week so far, something we don’t enjoy as far as working goes, but the tomatoes, eggplant, and zucchini really thrive in the heat. The sweet peppers are starting to turn color too, which is exciting for the red pepper-lovers in our house.

We’re watching our fall crop transplants pop up in the greenhouse, and putting in even more seeds later this week. There are so many good things coming up for fall!

We hope you’ll consider signing up for a Fall Share; if you plan to join/continue the CSA for the fall, please sign up and reserve your spot by August 1.

–Jessica Wesselius

P.S. You can see an update on “Raise the Roof” at Indiegogo. Some have asked if we are still accepting checks offline and the answer is YES!

Also, we’re hiring! If you know any hard-working students or others who would like a part-time job on the farm for three months starting in early August, please call or text John at 712-490-8218.