Rain, rain, rain

Another 1/2 inch in the rain gauge at 5:30 this morning, and it’s still coming down at 8, so I told the crew, or most of the crew, no work this morning because it is too wet. The weeds are having a head start on most crops because we cannot get to them. It seems each time we get a start on one of the places with weeding it rains. We are saturated. We still have an acre and a half unplanted. That is the latest we have had so much open ground unplanted. This may be a problem in the mid season.

Our daughter Adrienne is home for a week between the end of the spring semester, the beginning of the summer semester, and her swimming lessons / coaching job in Grand Rapids, so she is filling in for Janna this week in Sioux City.

We continue to look forward to a stretch of warm sunny weather. The cucumbers are planted, the tomatoes are on up the strings in the high tunnels, the potatoes have been weeded twice (but they need hilling), and we continue to start new plants in the greenhouse, usually each Wednesday afternoon. We call that our Wednesday seeding.

The garlic is yellow, well, green turning yellow prematurely. I need to check if it’s yellow asters. That was a problem several years ago in Minnesota, and then we didn’t grow garlic for 2 years. I hope it’s just too much moisture and it clears up.

See you at the markets!

–John Wesselius