Pull Those Weeds!!!

It has been a busy week. We were able to spend the weekend with John’s parents and celebrate Dad’s 83rd birthday. Crossing the state Monday, we saw lots of flooding and areas of standing water and just today viewed pictures of the flooding in the Ames area.

As usual, the work doesn’t disappear when you leave for a few days and since the ground hasn’t dried up enough yet to hoe, the crew spent the day pulling weeds in the beet rows keeping them from being overcome and digging carrots. Does anyone have any creative ideas for dealing with mosquitoes? I am not a fan of bug spray and would love to hear your ideas.

Pesto – last week you had basil in your share. If anyone is interested in doing some pesto for the freezer, we have lots of basil ready right now – let us know if you’d like a larger quantity. Freeze it in ice-cube trays and then you have an easy way to add a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes this winter. right now we love pesto with pasta served with chopped fresh tomatoes on top.
We keep trying to do our best to bring you variety in your share despite being unable to do any planting due to weather conditions.

This week in your share….
Parsley – keep it wrapped up in the fridge. Saute some in a little butter or olive oil and toss with your potatoes.
Potatoes – Austrian Crescent Fingerlings – these are a great roasting and salad potato – also nice for slicing in thin rounds and frying.
Green Beans
Lettuce – a little dirty from mud splash up, be sure to double rinse it. Then how about some BLT?
Pickling Cucumbers – peel, slice, chop – great flavor for salads or just eat them plain
Whole shares also have a few ears of sweet corn – the last of the crop.
Yellow crookneck squash is definitely having a struggle – and seems to be losing the battle – hopefully we’ll have some zucchini and patti-pan again later.
Have a great week.