Peas, beans, fennel and beets coming soon

We had a nice break last week between showers to get every row hoed once. We felt we were on top of weeds for a day or two. We were blessed with another half inch of rain, and a nice rain over the weekend — not the stormy gully-washing type that washes everything away.

It’s good to have all of our student workers home and back from college.

This morning on the walk about, the fennel and beets looked like they will soon be mature. Please do not feel overwhelmed by the amount of greens; before you know it, it will be hot, and time for peas and beans.

Our first group of chickens are being processed Thursday. Please place your order for this organic, pasture-raised, better-than-free-range chicken. (712-490-8218) The birds are whole, $4.10 per pound and averaging 4.2 pounds.

At the market on Wednesday, Madeline will be in Sioux Center and Adrienne or Janna will be in Sioux City.

If you have any questions, please email us, send a message on Facebook, or call 490-8218.