New high tunnel arrives

The heat we need for sweet peppers, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes seems slow in coming. This is a different kind of summer. We have begun plantings for fall. It seems so far away with the calendar still on July, but the students who work for me are showing the usual itch about going to back to school. While they work, I overhear plans for camping, sports training, and dorm activities. One could conclude that academics is just an afterthought. Perhaps they are right, and I am getting old and I don’t understand.

The new high tunnel (!) arrived last week and I have read the instructions and begun to stake and measure where the corners go. This project has only been possible because of the great support of friends and supporters. I think about that all the time. Thank you all, again.

We find ourselves a little short-staffed going into August. Of our regular workers, Madeline will be a senior this year, Anna will be a junior, and Adrienne leaves for Michigan in 21 days. Rachel begins her school year on the 12th! Yikes, I thought the day after labor day was too soon.

We will be looking for some college students to help us as soon as they arrive in town. During the past 3 years, one recent graduate and two current seniors–Kristyn, Ema and Chad–have been a tremendous help, consistent, interested, and cheerfully pitching in when their schedules allowed. We would benefit from meeting several younger students who will be around for 3 or 4 years. Do you know of anyone?

–John Wesselius

P.S. Here is the spot KCAU did on us.