Last call for Fall shares!

School started today. I wouldn’t have noticed really if it wasn’t for social media. Our college students are back, too, and are starting to drop in, text and arrange times when I can expect them to be available. We have one not returning to school, so she will continue to come everyday for the fall. Hopefully that will allow us to do things when conditions are best rather than when people are available.

There’s just one more summer share next week! We’ve unofficially closed sign-ups for Fall Shares, but we have room for a couple more subscribers. If you would like to get every-other-week deliveries of delicious fall produce such as onions, squash, greens, potatoes, and much more, please sign up at our website at or with one of us at the market. We’d like to get a count for the fall subscribers by end of the week.

Some of our fall direct seeded crops are up, and they could use a shower. I’m holding off watering because it is supposed to rain this afternoon. They just need a little, not a real soaker like crops half way to maturity. We continue to transplant out, we have one more set of brassicas in the greenhouse that should go out tomorrow, and we will continue putting out lettuce and salad mix for another month. We looked at sweet potatoes this morning; I think we will try have them for next week.

See you at the market!