It’s time to order seeds

Seeds! Since Thanksgiving we have been receiving seed catalogs in the mail. We toss some immediately (that hardly seems fair!). Sometimes I wonder how they got our address, why did they choose me, why do they include so many flowers, what were they thinking?

Some give very little attention to climate zones or hardiness. Many have no organic seed at all or are really focused on small residential gardens (they have their place, nothing wrong with that).

We favor two companies, Johnny’s and Fedco. Johnny’s has a great catalog, fantastic pictures, very good descriptions and growing advice. We have found they provide impeccable service. They make a very big effort to provide organic seeds, along with powders, sprays, and other helpers that are approved for organic production. Fedco is a cooperative. They print the strangest catalog we get; it is black and white with sketches, no photographs. They provide unique seeds, interesting political commentary and the best selection of heirlooms.

A company that I am really impressed with that we don’t order from yet is High Mowing seeds. I heard their founder speak once about how they started and was very impressed. I think they will join Johnny’s as one of the go to seed companies for small to medium size organic family and market gardeners.

Who do you order seeds from?


Looking at seed catalogs on a cold winter’s day and dreaming of spring.