Interesting Weather

I just stopped mowing and thought I would put the newsletter together Monday evening because I have a busy morning Tuesday. We harvested kohlrabi, garlic scapes, green onions, salad mix, red kale, green kale, head lettuce, a few cabbages, and we will begin Tuesday looking for cauliflower. The earliest planting of broccoli didn’t like the weather last week.

This week is beginning cooler at a high of 80 degrees today, but it was warm enough, and it appears to be the coolest day of the next 15 if the forecast is accurate. I know this: At the end of the day, which for the crew is generally about 4 pm, they are exhausted. We begin at 6 when it’s warm and light enough and take an hour for lunch. Several of the students read, or pretend to for a while. I know several get a 45-minute nap.

Many asked Saturday and Sunday about Friday night’s storm. It was an interesting one to watch. I posted elsewhere that I wished weather wasn’t so interesting in NW Iowa. A more boring, calm end to the day would make sleeping easier, especially for those that get up before 4. The night is short the way it is before all the shades of black and grey and lightening. Some of the plants look a little weather weary, but they will come out of it. There was no building or tree damage here.

We have sold almost all the chickens from our first group. The second group will be ready in several weeks. Please place an order by email or text message if you would like some chickens, raised outdoors in portable pens moved to fresh grass twice a day, fed organic feed. They are great tasting chickens.