The question at this point in the summer is now “how hot is it going to be?” and “how much is it going to rain?” We are definitely into summer now, and the pigs are trying to stay cool, along with the rest of us.

The broccoli went from not there to being too ripe, too loose, too bumpy-looking too fast. We are through all the lettuces, kales, and greens in the main high tunnel. We have a few beets left in what we call Tunnel 3. We took all the carrots out of the tunnel in one digging. The outside carrots are probably three weeks away from being ready to include in your shares.

I am glad we got some weeding, cultivating, flaming and hilling done last week. After last nights rain and the forecast rain for today we could use another 5 day window of sunshine and MODERATE heat to go through the remaining weeds.

Janna returned yesterday from spending time with Jessica and our new grandson. She should be in Sioux City Wednesday.

See you at the markets!