Hot Weather

It’s hot!

What would we do without air conditioning at lunch time? I grew up without air conditioning. We learned to cope, to sweat, to drink water, and to take advantage of shade. I didn’t understand why some of my friends parents insisted on air conditioning in their cars–why, just open the window! I have come to like, appreciate and even dare I say need air conditioning!

Today started cool, overcast, almost like it was to going to rain, but I gather the humidity needs to build first, the corn needs to send out its scent, the wind needs to build pressure, and then maybe Thursday when we are going to dig potatoes, it will rain. Rain is a blessing. When you get rain, think of those who haven’t seen rain for a month or two, or a year or more, then we realize we have it good.

Speaking of good. The lettuce for next week was too small 4 weeks ago to feel the impact of hail, and it is looking good for next week. The tomatoes are coming out of the tunnel at a nice rate for your consumption and for us to sell at markets. The carrots are not too big and not too small for the most part. I was afraid this bed was going to get big. We have one more bed ready and we may have a slight gap after that as the next ones are just out of the ground. We are seeding more this week for your table this winter. We should have carrots till April!

This week we have German butterball potatoes. A blight went through this variety about four weeks ago and killed the tops, so the potatoes are small but they taste great. They are one of my favorites, boiled or mashed, and as the name implies, they are smooth!

Please come to market early if you can. It’s going to be a hot day on Wednesday.