Happy for Sunshine!

It has been a beautiful day and we enjoyed the sunshine as we scurried to catch up on hoeing, and mowing. We started picking strawberries this week and it may very well be the end. With 5-6 inches of rain in the past week, the berries have suffered. First, you may notice that they are a little “gritty” with dirt that has “splashed” up. Second, you may want to eat them ASAP as with all the uptake of water, they are also much more perishable. But, don’t wash them until you are ready to eat them – they get mushy much faster after you wash them. You may ask “why does the extra rain cause problems?” Well, the biggest problem is that with so much rain, rot and deterioriation set in very quickly. On an happier note – many other crops are developing nicely and with a little added sunshine, should really begin to “take off”.

In your shares this week…..
Strawberries – I think someone may have forgotten to pick theirs up – let us know.
Green Onion – white or purple pearl variety – lovely to mix in with your peas.
Peas – two kinds – Large shares have “Sugar Snaps” -edible pod – just remove the strings. Small shares have “Shelling Peas” – remove the shells and just eat the peas inside.
Large shares also have Swiss Chard and Spinach this week.