In this week’s shares we have: Spinach, Leaf Lettuce, Chives, Arugula, Salad Mix, Sweet Potatoes, and Basil.

We are thrilled to offer spinach with the weird weather we’ve been having.  We had two really nice beds of spinach that overwintered and is “frost sweetened.”  the leaves are rather large, but it tastes great! We had some for supper tonight. We also have newly seeded spinach coming, but with lots of rain, lack of sunshine and cooler temperatures, it hasn’t progressed very much.

Leaf lettuce is a thinner leafed lettuce in a variety of red and green types.  You may spice it up a bit by mixing in some arugula, which is the package of all light green leaves. It is also great wilted.

Salad mix is a variety of textures and flavors – great with a vinaigrette.

Many of you know that we included root crop storage in the construction of our home last summer, and as a result we are still able to offer you sweet potatoes that stored extremely well. Our favorite way to eat them right now is peeled, sliced or cut in wedges, tossed in your favorite oil/fat and oven roasted with some light seasoning of salt and maybe your favorite herb. Topped with sour cream and chives.

Basil – always a favorite herb in our house, but since it doesn’t like cool temperatures, we thought we’d get you started with a potted basil plant from our greenhouse.  You can begin using leaves right away and either pot it up into a larger pot later or plant it outside once the temperatures/weather stabilizes.

Have a great week!

Looking forward to next week which may include some of the following: pak choy, salad turnips, radishes, more great spring greens.