Finished framing the high tunnel

We would like to thank all our summer participants for their involvement in local food! Your support has helped sustain our farm through a challenging season weather-wise, and we hope the food we’ve provided has helped sustain you, as well. This week is the last of the summer share and next week, same time, same place, we will begin the fall share.

We finished framing the high tunnel on Labor Day and began putting polycarbonate on the east end wall. We did not make any progress on that project today.

We had 2 inches of rain late last week, on top of already very wet ground. It kept us from picking beans last week, so the second planting is overgrown and will be mowed tomorrow. The third planting was just 2 rows, which was picked today. The beans are too large, but we did put some in the full share and will have a little at market. The next planting is in flower, so we anticipate beans in the fall share, too.

I keep checking the first of the fall squashes–spaghetti, carnival, deliccata–but they are not ready yet. The sweet potatoes too are weeks behind, and the sweet peppers also are not yielding much ripe fruit yet. It has been a cool, damp summer!

–John Wesselius