Fall season begins

On Monday at noon I ate outside where we are growing fall squash and sweet potatoes. It did seem like a nice fall day for about 3 or 4 hours. We are looking forward to a sunny break soon!

We are missing potatoes, carrots and spinach. We are waiting for a dry stretch to see if we can find some potatoes. We have lost the last two beds of second seeding carrots to rot however the first of the third planting will be ready in time for the next box in 2 weeks.

We seeded spinach at the same time as the arugula and salad mix but it germinated poorly. We seeded again about 3 weeks ago and it hasn’t come up yet. We went from warm to torrential downpour to a hot day so maybe it got confused. The ground did crust very hard, perhaps with this weeks rain it will show up. We did seed some in the greenhouse to transplant in the high tunnel when that is done, perhaps that is the answer.

–John Wesselius