Fall Harvest Update

No big news this week really. The weather has been unseasonably nice! Some have asked how things are growing, but most things are finished growing. With the days shortening there is really no or very little growth, despite the lack of freezing temps.

The butterhead and romaine lettuce looked so good as they were growing, but we have had strong dry winds recently (which corn producers like, but which isn’t so great for us). We may have more propane available due to the nice temps, but the lettuce got a little burned.

The celery, like the lettuce, was windburned, and I contemplated not including it because of its appearance, but when I cut into it, the aroma was so nice I thought I would let you decide how much you use and how much you compost.

We have eight different squashes in the packing shed, and the plan is to bring several crates of each kind to the pick-up locations, and then please choose 3 from what is available! They include delicata, spaghetti, butternut, kabocha sunshine, kabocha confection, acorn, carnival, jester (a customer told me yesterday it was really good!) and some blue hubbards. You’re welcome to buy extras for pantry storage.

Some have asked about the potatoes. Our potatoes really got hit hard by the rain in the spring, and we did not have crop worth digging. On the flip side, the squash crop is amazing so we will be eating squash!

Thank you for participating,
–John Wesselius