Even the birds want to come indoors

Well, as you all know, it is raining again, but we are happy to be harvesting under the cover of the high tunnel. This morning, while Madeline was seeding some trays a little hummingbird found its way into the garage. We all enjoyed watching it for a little while, and then opened the big door wide to be sure it could find its way out again. Well, 2 hours later, it is still fluttering around – not seeming too distressed. I think it is enjoying being out of the wet weather.

This is an exciting week for our family. Madeline will graduate from Unity Christian H.S. on Thursday, and yesterday her grandparents from Ontario, Canada flew in to help us celebrate. In addition, John’s cousin from Holland (yes, The Netherlands), also arrived yesterday to surprise his parents with whom she spent a year when she was a teenager. And, Allison also joined us from California. I think we will have lots of coffee drinking and story telling in the next week.
In your share this week……..
Green Kale – use this like the red kale last week. The leaves are a little bigger, so be sure to tear out the larger stems. Try kale chips for a fun treat.
Red Lettuce – make a lovely salad with these beautiful red leaves and their lovely light green centers
Hakurei Turnips – for some reason they have short tops this spring(blame it on the weather). Eat these raw for a wonderful snack, chop up into your salad, or lightly steam them. The tops are also good cooked.
Cilantro – add flavor to salsa, salads, or make into pesto.
Full shares also have a head of Flashy Troutback – a speckled type of Romaine lettuce.
Try this link with pictures for Kale Chips
And here is a link for Sweet Annie Kale Salad
Enjoy your week!