Cornucopia Extra: Fall produce available for bulk purchase

If you’re following us on Facebook you might have already seen this, but I’m sharing it with you by email to make sure you have the opportunity to stock up for fall if you are so inclined.

Items can be picked up on market day at the one of the market locations we visit, if you let us know when and where you would like them.

All of these items can be ordered by email, text or call to (712) 490-8218.

Right now we have potatoes, sweet potatoes, perhaps some carrots, and sweet peppers to sell in “bulk”. The potatoes are carola and german butterball. Both store well. After reserving plenty for our Fall CSA customers, I should have 500-600 pounds available for sale.

Carola potatoes taste like new even after months of storage in the root cellar. Boils, bakes, mashes and hashes are out of this world, and tehy make some of the best scalloped potatoes. Excellent storage qualities.

German Butterball won the Rodale Gardening cookoff. Some would say to that to call this an excellent potato is an insult. It has a very creamy yellow flesh, makes fantastic mashed potatoes.We will sell 50# boxes for $60 and 20# for $25. Bags of 5# of “soup and stew” potatoes for $7.50 (golf ball size).

Sweet Potatoes store well at 50 to 55 degrees (potatoes store best at 40 degrees). We have seen sweet potatoes last 2 to 3 months; one customer was still eating our sweet potatoes in May but that is unusual, she is a food storage fiend. We have more than 1000# of sweet potato available. We can bag/box them in any quantity at $1.25 per pound.

Our farm may not be certified organic by the USDA but we are certified naturally grown and organic in practice, and all these items were grown from certified organic seed or slips.

* * It is especially important to note that store-purchased potatoes are grown with heavy insecticide and fungicide applications.

We have carrots for winter storage too. The amount of carrots will depend on some variables in the next 2 weeks. I should know more by the end of the month. I know I will have “seconds” which are good for soups and stews etc.

–John Wesselius