Catching up with some sun

It is a beautiful morning again. We look forward to some warm weather and some catching up.

The big news I couldn’t really share with you last week, because it wasn’t mine to share at the time I composed my weekly email, is that Janna and I are grandparents. I’m sure many remember our daughter Jessica who got married last year. Andrew and Jessica had a boy last Monday; Joshua. So now you know why Janna has disappeared for a couple of weeks. She is in Lethbridge with Jessica.

We planted lettuce outside this week. We did a lot of weeding. We harvested what we could for this week’s share. Our outside crops are struggling a little. We will catch up. It’s a matter of sunshine and timing. There are flowers on the peas. Some beans are up and looking better. Cucumbers are established. Beets didn’t germinate well so we will do them over this week. Our early carrots in the tunnel should be in next week’s share; there could be some broccoli. The first outside carrots look nice after the weeding.

I did notice that the broccoli and cauliflower are about 3 weeks behind last year. This morning’s sunshine says we are going to catch up. One of our summer workers said yesterday this was as tanned as she has ever been. I told her we are just getting started. It’s going to be a tanning summer!

And yes Janna, I wore my hat yesterday all day. 🙂

See you at the markets!
–John Wesselius