Back to School


School has started again.  Elizabeth is back teaching, Jessica moved into her dorm and Madeline, Adrienne and Rachel have returned to their studies as well.  This, of course, means that our work schedule really changes. I love the approach of Fall.  Days are shorter, but cooler night temperatures and cool mornings with warm dry afternoons are a pleasure.  We hope that your transition to more fall-like weather is pleasant.  The changing of seasons also helps us look forward to a change in types of produce.  While some items will remain staples, such as carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, etc.,  we can still look forward t0 things like winter squash, leek and more broccoli, cabbage, beets and fall greens.
This week in your share…..
Cucumbers –
Summer Squash – this will include a variety of regular zucchini, yellow crookneck, and some little rounds called “Light Green of Tuscany”. The small round would be nice quartered and the larger rounds might be nice with the tops sliced off, seed pocket hollowed out and then stuffed and baked.
Carola Potatoes – very similar in appearance to German Butterball, these are also of German origin and are a nice all purpose potato.
Cherry Tomatoes –
Tomatoes –
Sweet Peppers –
Beets – mostly the sweet chioggia and golden variety.  Wonderful cooked and served with a little butter.
Kohlrabi – a great raw snack to pack into your lunch box.
Have a great week!