A beautiful morning

Hello everyone,

It is a beautiful morning. I was out about 6 a.m. moving the chickens to fresh grass, and I thought for a moment it was a Sunday and I could rest. Sundays have always been a day of rest and worship for our family. While moving chickens or checking pigs, feeding and watering animals of any kind on sunny Sunday mornings, I think anyone who likes to sing or sings well would want to burst into song: “all creation sings!”

On a small bio-diverse farm, we are reminded not just on Sundays but every day that the hymn writers had it right many years ago: It is “My Father’s World.” On Sundays, though, I have time to think about it because we don’t have people coming to work at 7 or other pressing deadlines.

This week began with another providential rain, a nice 3/4 inch. That makes hoeing impossible right now, but we don’t have to irrigate for several days at least. Things are popping, there are new items in the share this week, and some others coming up.

Last week I did create a newsletter on my phone but I must have closed it without sending. Today I am using wifi at one of our customers (The Fruited Plain), so I hope you all get a list of what is in the box or bag.

We are again taking orders for pasture-raised organic feed-fed chickens. We will be processing on June 25. Please call or text John with your order 712-490-8218. We can also take orders for 30-50# bundles of Berkshire pork.

Have a good week,
John Wesselius