Purebred Berkshire Pigs

Home grown, pastured, all natural pork raised without antibiotics or hormones and processed the way you want it.

Call (712) 490-8218 to check on the availability of our pigs. Place your order today!

When we are able to source feeder pigs of the quality and breed we appreciate we will take orders for half pig (about 110 pounds) per customer with a $100 deposit. (Final costs TBD.)

Our pigs are home grown, all natural pork. They are raised without antibiotics or hormones. The pigs will be processed in Hudson, South Dakota, which means that you have some choices in many of the cuts. (For example, you can choose to not have MSG and nitrates in your bacon and other cuts.)

We’ll take your order and pass it along to the butcher when the pigs go in for processing.

Pigs eating peppers and carrots (large) .JPG